At The Friendship Tree we value free play. Children learn through play and develop skills to make sense of their world. They need a variety of opportunities to look, touch, hear and move in order to facilitate this learning.

Learning is fun at The Friendship Tree and happens in many different ways. Our classes are centered around age-appropriate activities including circle time, creative crafts, free play and gym time. Children work and play cooperatively in groups as well as independently.

Our everyday structure includes songs, games, crafts, and dramatic play areas that reflect the theme of the week or month. A predictable routine helps our students to know what is expected of them and this in turn helps them to thrive in our warm, caring environment. This builds a strong foundation for future learning and success in school.

A typical day at The Friendship Tree follows this pattern:

Gym time is scheduled for each class in the big room. Gross motor skills are developed through a variety of activities such as obstacle courses, animal stretching (yoga-type activities) and parachute games. These skills help children control their muscles and feel comfortable with their bodies.


The Chipmunks (for 3 year olds):

The cost: $130.00 per month (Sept.-May)
Registration fee: $50.00 (non-refundable)

The Owls (for 4 year olds):